Our Suite of Services

Diamond Blue Stables offers specialist group programs for small businesses and organisations, as well as psychology sessions for individuals and families.  Young people are also catered for via a fun and interactive program that can be delivered on one on one basis or within a group setting. Schools are welcome to inquire about this opportunity.

1. Corporate – leadership and development

Diamond Blue Stables offers high impact leadership programs designed to support people to become authentic and transformational leaders in the workplace.

The experiential, or learning by doing programs create an opportunity for people to gain valuable insights about themselves and others, outside of the office environment and within an atmosphere of fun and creativity.

The two programs, Leading Yourself and Others; and Creating Meaning in the Workplace, are delivered in workshop format.

The two programs focus on key theories and practices relating to emotional intelligence, transformational leadership and positive psychology. They are designed to help people successfully navigate the complexities of employee relationships in the workplace by developing a greater degree of empathy and emotional intelligence. There is also a focus on helping people to become more emotionally resilient. People are equipped to manage relationship dynamics with purpose and enthusiasm.

2. Individuals

Our services are suitable for individuals who may be experiencing emotional, behavioural or communication difficulties, such as:

  • worry or anxiety
  • low mood
  • grief and loss
  • relationship conflict
  • self esteem
  • frustration

We understand that life can be challenging. We aim to provide you with the opportunity to be inspired and move forward in a way that sits comfortably with your values.

Zoe is a registered Medicare Provider and can support people as part of a Mental Health Care Plan, developed in collaboration with your GP. Under this initiative, individuals are entitled to up to 10 sessions with an allied health provider and will receive a Medicare rebate.

Please note that Diamond Blue Stables is temporarily suspending the majority of its individual face to face sessions under Medicare provisions starting in August 2020 – but hopes to resume later in the year. As an alternative to face to face sessions, Zoe is offering telephone counselling and life coaching for people who are motivated to make positive changes in their lives. Rebates are available via referrals from your GP.

3. Young People

We have a specifically designed Young Leaders Horse Program for young people aged 12 to 25 years. The highly experiential 6-session program is based on the principles of safety, respect and  flexibility. The program is designed for children and young people who prefer a hands on approach to learning and gaining new insights about themselves. Learning amdist nature is a peaceful experience for young people and promotes feelings of emotional calm and connection.

Please note that Diamond Blue Stables will be offering these types of sessions primarily via group format, effective August 2020. People will be offered an initial intake or suitability assessment prior to being invited to participate in these group sessions. These intake assessments will be carried out on the property and with the horses.

On offer is a boutique program – Pink Diamonds – for young ladies aged between 12-25 years. These group sessions will be run on a monthly basis. Contact Zoe for more information.

Session Format

Sessions are divided into three main components

When people first arrive they are welcomed into the counselling or briefing area. In this initial interaction Zoe works in collaboration with people to set goals for the session and to reflect on what has shifted or changed since the last session.

After the goal setting component people are supported to interact with the horses in a guided and meaningful way. This interaction involves spending time with the horses and completing a variety of exercises aimed at raising awareness and learning new skills. Zoe will facilitate the interactions through gentle discussion and feedback.

To end the session, people are invited to reflect on their experience. This component of the session typically involves moving back to the counselling area. People are supported to engage in a journalling or artistic activity to capture what they have learned and to consider how it can be paralleled back to their current challenges.

Other considerations

Zoe will decide where the interactions with the horses take place, depending on the goals of the session, the weather, and the comfort level of the people accessing the service. Sessions can be delivered in the stable complex, the roundyard, the outdoor arena or the enclosed barn.

The safety of people and the well-being of the horses is paramount. Zoe provides a safety orientation at the beginning of initial sessions and is diligent in minimizing any risk throughout subsequent sessions.

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Our coffee and refreshments

Diamond Blue Stables offers light refreshments as part of the ‘summing up’ component of sessions. 

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