Our Suite of Services

Group sessions

Our group sessions focus on social inclusion, positive psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy principles – they are an awesome way to enjoy a pleasurable activity in the company of others

Individual sessions

Diamond Blue Stables welcomes self referral, Mental Health Care Plans via GP, and/or people with funded support packages through the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Family sessions

Family sessions are offered primarily in cases where there are paediatric mental health issues that will benefit from a family or systems approach

Benefits of the Service:

Psychology sessions in situ with horses

Zoe offers a combination of observation and hands on experiences with the horses, depending on the person’s care plan.

The senses of touch, smell, sight, taste, hearing and movement are activated during sessions helping to consolidate the learning and reflective journey.

The horses provide a powerful sensory modulation tool that can help people to feel more comfortable and able to engage in the therapeutic process.

People are supported to practice specific cognitive and behavioural skills within their guided interaction with the horses. Examples include mindfulness, compassionate and flexible thinking, and perspective taking and body language.

Being amidst nature

Being amidst nature is an organic and calming experience that can initiate creative and compassionate thinking. The slow paced rural atmosphere enables people to gently reflect on their values and life goals in a way that enables meaningful change.

Group programs

Supportive group sessions can enhance learning opportunities for people in the management of their emotions and social awareness.

People are encouraged to build trusting relationships and work together in respectful ways,  helping to create feelings of cohesion, self worth and more authentic understanding of others.

Group programs typically run on a monthly basis, for a period of five months.

What is the first step?

People are invited to participate in an intake assessment initially, with the aim of creating a care plan that suits their individual recovery and well-being goals.

It is at this point that decisions are made around whether a person will benefit from one of the following interventions (or a combination of all four):

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy informed approaches
  • Positive Psychology and leadership based interventions
  • Equine Assisted learning practices
  • Individual v. group programs


Session Format

Sessions are divided into three main components

When people first arrive they are welcomed into the counselling or briefing area. In this initial interaction Zoe works in collaboration with people to set goals for the session and to reflect on what has shifted or changed since the last session.

After the goal setting component people are supported to interact with the horses in a guided and meaningful way. This interaction involves spending time with the horses and completing a variety of exercises aimed at raising awareness and learning new skills. Zoe will facilitate the interactions through gentle discussion and feedback.

To end the session, people are invited to reflect on their experience. This component of the session typically involves moving back to the counselling area. People are supported to engage in a journalling or artistic activity to capture what they have learned and to consider how it can be paralleled back to their current challenges.

Other considerations

Zoe will decide where the interactions with the horses take place, depending on the goals of the session, the weather, and the comfort level of the people accessing the service. Sessions can be delivered in the stable complex, the roundyard, the outdoor arena or the enclosed barn.

The safety of people and the well-being of the horses is paramount. Zoe provides a safety orientation at the beginning of initial sessions and is diligent in minimizing any risk throughout subsequent sessions.

Our coffee and refreshments

Diamond Blue Stables offers light refreshments as part of the ‘summing up’ component of sessions. 

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