Meet the Horses

At Diamond Blue Stables our four equine teachers roam freely. They have wide open spaces to enjoy with beautiful views of the Tinderry Mountains.

Dee Bar Diamond Blue (aka ‘Argi’)

The inspiration behind the Business name.

Argi has spent the majority of his life as a performance horse, competing in western events at an advanced level. He is calm and confident and at all times respectful in his communication with people. His patient and gentle nature makes him the perfect choice for children and adults experiencing anxiety or worry related issues.

Lady Audrey (aka ‘Audrey’)

Audrey is moving into her twilight years and is an enormously calming influence on younger members of the herd. She has a strong nurturing instinct and is always willing to please. She is a versatile teacher that can adapt to any situation without any fuss. Audrey has a huge heart and loves to be out in front of the herd with her head held high as she takes in all the sights.

Ima Gold Star (aka ‘Ted’)

Ted is the youngest member of the herdHe is playful and curious and enjoys the company of people. He has a sweet and friendly personality and provides valuable feedback on how he is feeling. He is the perfect choice for people who are motivated to change. Ted is the son of Spin n Star (see the following) and frequently ‘checks in with mum’ for reassurance

Spin n Star (aka 'Spin')

Spin is the leader of the herd and keeps a watchful eye over what is happening around her. She is intuitive and responsive and highly valued for her suitability to work with children and adults. She is a precious teacher in the way she encourages people to be present and decisive in their interactions with her. Spin adores water and goes swimming in our dam almost every day during the warmer months.

We will never have to tell our horse that we are sad, happy, confident, angry or relaxed. He already knows - long before we do.

Marjike de Jong

Meet the Facilitator

Zoe Pope

Zoe is a registered psychologist and has completed a Masters in Health Management. She is a certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator (through Equine Connection) and also holds a Certificate IV in Trainer and Assessor.

Having worked in the public mental health sector for over 15 years Zoe is passionate about seeing people thrive and be their best self. She has worked with a range of different people on issues relating to depression, anxiety, psychosis, addiction, suicidality, and relationship and occupational stressors.

Zoe is passionate about developing effective and compassionate leaders that practice and communicate with integrity.

In addition to working in the mental health setting Zoe recognises the power of horses – ‘they have an undeniable presence almost impossible to ignore’.

Zoe has been riding horses since she was a little girl and has immersed herself in natural horsemanship approaches throughout her adult years. 

Zoe decided to pursue her dual passion for horses and psychology a few years ago and is excited to be offering this innovative and highly relevant intervention for the Canberra community.

Zoe is registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and adheres to the Australian Psychological Society Code of Ethics. She is compliant with confidentiality, privacy and consent guidelines and always seeks to incorporate feedback from people into improving the service overall.

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